The softest and easiest baby blanket

I’m sharing a really quick and easy make today. Yes, it’s another baby related project, but I haven’t been very motivated to sew clothes for myself – until recently…so I’m excited to say that I have a couple of finished garments to share on the blog very soon!
Anyway, this is essentially a large square of fabric which I have hemmed. Beyond simple, but, oh my goodness, it is one of the most used things I have ever made! I think it’s largely down to the fabric – this is some really lovely yummy, soft double gauze by Nani Iro. 
If you haven’t splurged on some double gauze yet (it’s not the cheapest fabric) then you really should take the plunge, you won’t regret it. This stuff is so easy to work with, and every time you wash it, it gets softer and softer. Perfect for a baby blanket, but I have also used it to make a Washi dress – and honestly, it feels like I’m wearing my PJs all day long!
If you are due to have a baby, have just had a baby, or know someone who will/has, then this would be a really great, quick, easy, but really useful, project. And there are some really gorgeous double gauze options out there. I picked this multi-colour spot because I was making it before I knew if I was having a boy or a girl, plus it matched perfectly with my other baby makes, like my little bunny in the photo above. But I’ve found some other gorgeous options for you below:

All the above link to Miss Matatabi’s Etsy shop, which I haven’t actually used yet, but the prices are really brilliant, and the postage isn’t too crazy, considering it’s coming from Japan, so I am pretty tempted to make a few purchases soon (but I’m trying to resist because I’m trying to use up some of my stash before buying more fabric….*said every sew-er ever*!!!).

So to make my baby blanket, I just bought 1 metre, trimmed it slightly so that it was a square (they are generally just over 1m wide) and then double folded the edges and hemmed. It’s THAT easy! But I used it as a swaddle for Luke when he was a newborn, and then as a light blanket during the Summer. I have also used it just as a little blanket for him to lie on if I’m out and about, or as a rather large muslin when needed. It has just been so versatile that I am so glad I made it.