From January 2022 Threadquarters will have a new location!

Threadquarters now has it’s own studio to house all the gorgeous fabrics and deliver the classes & workshops. Still located on Main Street in Bangor, just on the other side of the street.

49 Main Street, Bangor, BT20 5AF

Threadquarter’s is located through the door between The Captains Table restaurant and the British Heart Foundation charity shop. Ring the doorbell and I can come down and let you in.

Parking: If you are attending an evening or Sunday class then you can park for free either directly on the road outside or in the Bingham Lane carpark which is right behind the building (walk through Bingham Mall, past The Goats Toe and turn right at the British Heart Foundation shop). Or if you come during the day then you can pay for parking in Bingham Lane, it’s only £1 for 5 hours if you use the metres! The closest free parking is at Queens Parade near the Marina. It’s only a short walk up Main Street from there.

The Threadquarters Studio is located on the first floor. There is a short flight of stairs (with a handrail) to climb in order to access the studio. Please contact me if this might prove to be a difficulty for you.

The map below shows the exact location. It’s the old M-Power office, which is why that’s what is highlighted!