Sewing Levels

Sewing classes have been categorised into levels to help you chose which would be most suitable for you. The levels are progressive and designed to develop your sewing skills. For example if you choose a level 4 class then please ensure you are completely comfortable carrying out the tasks listed in the lower levels, to ensure the classes can run smoothly. You are of course welcome to attend classes at a lower level to your skill. Many people simply enjoy the social aspect of the classes and I’m sure you will leave the class picking up at least one new thing!

Level 0

  • Absolute beginner
  • No sewing experience/not sewn since school
  • Has never used a sewing machine before

Level 1 

  • Basic sewing experience
  • Knows how to use a sewing machine (change and thread the needle, wind the bobbin, sew in a straight line)
  • Knows how to start and finish a seam with backstitch, understands seam allowances and can finish off seam allowances appropriately (e.g. with a zig-zag stitch)

Level 2

  • Confident with using a sewing machine
  • Has made simple garments before, such as PJ bottoms, wrapped skirt etc.
  • Has some familiarity with using a sewing pattern


  • Has made several garments & is confident following a sewing pattern
  • Is looking to learn new techniques such as inserting a sleeve or an invisible zip
  • Is looking to start using trickier fabrics such as lightweight/drapey fabrics


  • Confident making basic garments
  • Is looking to try some new techniques such as buttonholes, cuffs, & collars

If you are at all unsure about which level you are at then please feel free to contact me and we can have a chat about it and decide together which class would be best for you.