Spring 2016 Sewing: Vogue V1247

Today I’m really excited to be sharing the first make from my Spring 2016 Sewing Plans.

I decided to tackle the Vogue Patterns V1247 first because, for some reason, I was super excited about this one, plus I had a girls night out planned and I thought it would be the perfect excuse to wear this!

This was not an easy make. The fabric is a really slinky, slippy polyester that I picked up a good few years ago on sale from The Spinning Wheel in Belfast. I had originally planned to make a skirt with a faux wrap front on it from this fabric, but that never happened – and I am so glad it didn’t because I just LOVE it made up as this top. Although you can’t easily tell from these photos, the front is made up of 6 panels which all converge at a centre point. I knew that getting the point to line up perfectly would be especially difficult with a slinky fabric, so having a busy print would hide any potential mistakes. Two of the panels are also cut on the bias, so directional prints wouldn’t work either (although, stripes might look cool?).

All that being said, I think I got that centre point pretty close to perfect. It is out slightly, but you really don’t notice it. The pattern has you finish all seams with french seams, which would be a given for this fabric anyway, it practically frayed by just looking at it! But that did add quite a lot of bulk where seams converged, again making it difficult to control. Actually, the hardest part for me was the tiny rolled hem. ARGH – that was very frustrating. This thing got pinned within an inch of it’s LIFE while I tried to control that hem! If I make any more of these tops (which I would like – I’m thinking a black crepe version would be a staple in my wardrobe) then I think I need to invest in a rolled hem foot.

I asked the lovely folk on my Instagram feed if they had any advice on sewing up this top and quite a few of you chimed in to say that it runs really big, and that I should cut 2 sizes smaller. I had read similar on a few reviews online so thought that might be the case. After comparing my measurements with the finished garments measurements I decided to only go one size smaller, mainly because i didn’t want to risk it being tight on my hips (I am a pear shape). Thankfully I think it turned out a perfect size for me so I’m very happy.

I was also advised that it tends to run a bit short as well. I looked at a few other versions and decided that I would just go with the pattern as is, but now that it is made up I think having the front about an inch or so longer would be better – but I am still happy with the length this is. I actually turned up less fabric to make the hem than the pattern suggests, so I think it was meant to be even shorter! The final factor that I read from a few reviews, is that the neckline is low. And yep, that is very true. But I really like it. I personally suit a lower neckline (maybe I can get away with it because my chest is very small) and it isn’t scandalously low so I’m happy. Plus I think this will be more of a dressy top, so I can get away with a lower neckline!

This is pretty different in style to anything else that I have made (you can check out my handmade wardrobe here), which if you have been reading my recent posts, is exactly what I was aiming for – and you know what, I really love it! Even before I started making this top I just had a feeling that it was going to be more ‘me’ than anything else I’ve made and it really is. So why do I love it? I think the navy and white colours fit in with my wardrobe really well. The loose fit means I can relax while the unusual construction lines add a bit more interest than a basic loose top. Up until now I have mainly focused on simple lines, letting the fabric do the talking, but sewing up this top has made me a lot more interested in looking for patterns that have that something that is just a bit different and some sort of quirky feature in the construction. After I finish my other Spring 2016 plans I think I’ll maybe tackle another more unusual pattern. Anyone have any suggestions? I’m really liking the new Bowline Sweater from Papercut Patterns!