Sewing on YouTube: My Top 10 Sewing Vloggers

Hello everyone! I had a little break from blogging there while life was getting very hectic. There have been a few changes around here, which I’m sure I’ll get into another time. Instead, today I wanted to talk to you about something different…

Do you watch YouTube videos? I’m sure you do! I have been a YouTube addict for years, mainly feeding my addiction with beauty vloggers (I swatted up on how to do my own Wedding make-up by watching You Tube) and occasionally ASMR (if you haven’t heard about ASMR, don’t judge too quickly…it is so relaxing!!), but recently I have been binging on all the amazing sewing vloggers that have emerged. In the past, the sewing videos on YouTube were all mainly informative tutorials, often a bit too amateurish for my enjoyment (sorry, but just being honest). However, over the past year I have seen a new style of sewing videos emerge – the sewing vlogger. These lovely ladies basically just sit and chat about their sewing plans, their sewing makes and just general sewing chat…which is wonderful to watch!

And so, I thought I would bring you a list of my top 10 sewing vloggers. In no particular order, please go and check out:

1. Sew Over It
Lisa Comfort may be the Queen of sewing vloggers, and no doubt the inspiration for many of the following channels. She has been uploading wonderful sewing vlogs every friday for years and I look forward to them every week!

2. Gingerella
Jen shares her lovely makes and sewing plans in a very matter-of-fact way, perhaps due to her scientific background, and I am always inspired by seeing what she has made and what her future sewing plans are.

3. Sewn
The always happy and super sweet Rosa has been sewing for a long time, and has a plethora of beautiful makes which she has shared with us on her channel.

4. Inside The Hem
An American sewing vlog, this channel is brought to you by two lovely ladies, Abbey and Lindsay. Its great to get an American perspective on all things sewing related and they always have lovely things to share.

5. Gabberdashery
The very bubbly Gabby is definitely taking the sewing vlog world by storm, even though she only started vlogging about 5 months ago! Her videos are always great to watch and she makes lovely things so I’m not in the least bit surprised.

6. Little Miss Lorraine
Jess vlogs over in Australia and uploads a video every Sunday. Again, it’s lovely to see what the sewing scene is like in another part of the world and her videos are great.

7. Clueless Seamstress
We head over to Wales now, and the lovely Leigh. Although her channel might be called The Clueless Seamstress, I really don’t think she lives up to that name because she has made so many wonderful things, including trousers, and they are not easy!!

8. Hollie Sews
Hollie is another vlogging newbie, only starting about a month ago, but she already has over 7 vlogs up on her channel and has even come up with a fantastic Seamstress Tag, which has been great fun to watch! Keep up the great work Hollie!

9. Kittenish Behaviour
Sian has killer sewing skills, and a killer body (ever so slightly jealous of that tiny waist!!). She makes the most gorgeous fit and flare dresses out of beautiful fabric, you definitely have to check them out if you haven’t yet!

10. The Fold Line
Connected with The Fold Line online sewing community, Kate and Rachel bring us very informative vlogs about the latest sewing pattern releases, behind the scenes at sewing meet-ups as well as sewing book reviews.

These are by no means the only sewing vloggers out there, merely the main ones I watch. Please do let me know if you watch any other vlogs that you would recommend, I would love to know of more!

Speaking of which, perhaps I could suggest number 11:

Eep…it’s me!! Certainly a little bit nervous about putting myself out there…I hope you guys enjoyed my first vlog and are able to leave me a little comment or ‘thumbs up’ over on YouTube. I have lots of plans for future vlogs so I do hope I am able to make them!