Luke’s Bunny

So I’m back today with another little sewing project that I completed during my pregnancy. After I whipped up the little blanket for Luke I still had a fair bit of the cosy plush fabric left so I thought it would make a really soft cuddly toy. After a bit of Pinterest searching for inspiration I came across a very cute little bunny which was being sold on Etsy.
Now I know it is better to be supporting local/small craft artists, and I could have (should have?) just bought the actual bunny off of her, but I wanted to use up my leftover fabric, and I fancied the challenge of making a soft toy. I set to work sketching out the various pattern pieces I thought I would need and roughly what size I thought they should be and then just went for it. This is when I discovered that plush fabric is actually a bit of a *beep* to work with! It wasn’t too difficult to control when I was just sewing two squares together, but these little pieces were a lot more fiddly and the pieces would creep and shift all over the place. All I can say is pin, pin, PIN the life out of all your pieces if you are going to ever attempt sewing anything with this fabric!!!

For the inside of the ears I used fabric that coordinates with the blanket, and is also a scrap from a laundry bag that I made for his room (not really exciting enough to blog about that – but actually, the MOST useful thing I have made for Luke…babies, as I’m sure you all know, create a LOT of laundry!!), so again, it’s another project to tie in nicely with my ‘rainbow and stars’ nursery theme.

The bunny was supposed to have a lovely embroidered nose, but I discovered that I am rather crap at embroidery. That I was even able to do two french knots for the bunny’s eyes was a miracle! I was a bit disappointed that Mr Bunny didn’t get a nose, but I’m OK with it now – Luke doesn’t seem to mind, lol.

By the way, aren’t baby shoes, although completely pointless, just the cutest things?!