Luke’s Blanket

Before Luke was born I had grand plans for the myriad of baby things I was going to sew – then I discovered that bending over a table to cut things and sitting at a sewing machine while pregnant gave me a very sore back, so I ended up not actually managing to sew very much.

I did, however, manage a few things, so I’m excited to finally be able to share them with you! Today I’m sharing Luke’s blanket (not quilt – that’s still being made….doh!), a really sweet, simple project.

Sometimes the simple things are the best, and this is a perfect example of that. This is a really easy sewing project, but I just love this blanket so much and use it all the time. It’s made from a meters length of quilting cotton (I used Michael Miller Mini Mikes Bunting Scallop Retro) on one side and Ivory Cuddle Dimple plush fabric on the reverse. Oh my goodness, have you ever felt plush fabric before? It is to softest, cosiest, most snuggly fabric EVER! I want this blanket in my size!

It’s really easy to make – sew the fabrics right-sides together all the way around, but leave a hole about 20cm to allow you to turn it. Clip the seam allowances down at the corners to give sharper corners and then turn it right-side out. Finally top stitch around the edge about 1cm away from the edge and just ensure to catch the seam allowances of the turning hole. If you want to be really pedantic you could also slipstitch the hole closed as well. I don’t think I bothered with that.

The biggest issue to deal with was the SHEDDING that the plush fabric does – oh my goodness, fluff everywhere!! It also ‘creeps’ a little so you do need to use a lot of pins. But it’s worth it because it is just so cosy!

If you know anyone who is going to have a baby and you are thinking of a hand-made gift for them, this is a great option. It’s a really quick, easy project, but the end result is very impressive and mummy and baby will get lots of use out of it – oh, and it washes really well too (very important!!).