A quick review of Made By Rae’s Just Hatched Baby Leggings Pattern

Back in May I shared a snap from Instagram of a few baby leggings that I whipped up using Made By Rae’s free pattern. I said I would report back with a review of the leggings once I had a little one to put in them so, true to my word, here is the review!

In terms of sewing the pattern it was super easy. It uses very little fabric so I was able to just cut up some old t-shirts – no need to fork out for that expensive organic cotton (although I wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to, the patterns are all just so gorgeous!). The instructions are very easy to follow, and although I did sew these with my overlocker, they could be easily made completely on the sewing machine.

Now, because I was sewing these up before my baby had arrived I obviously couldn’t measure his waist and add 1″ (which is one of the options Rae gives you) so I followed her suggestion of cutting 14″ of elastic for the waist. Little did I know I was going to have a relatively large newborn (8lb9oz) – so it ended up that these leggings were all a bit too tight for him from the beginning. PLUS, and I think this is a really important fact that new mum’s will more than likely not think about (it didn’t cross my mind once beforehand!): tight waisted leggings (or trousers of any kind) are the last thing you will want to put around your brand newborn baby as they will still have their very red raw umbilical cord attached and you will be nervous to go anywhere near that for fear of hurting them (you won’t hurt them, but you will worry anyway). So your more than likely won’t use these leggings until after the cord falls off. And of course Luke took his sweet time loosing his cord, so by the time I was happy to put the leggings on they were really too tight for comfort, and unfortunately the leggings were hardly worn.

So that is my little warning for you in case anyone has happened upon this review. Saying that – they are adorable leggings with perfect instructions and it would be very easy to take the pattern piece that Rae kindly offers for free and making it a bit bigger if you needed.