Covid-19 Safety Measures for Classes

I am so excited to be able to start running sewing classes and workshops at Threadquarters (my home!) again.

In order to keep students, myself and my family safe I have put together this information page to help you understand the new guidelines that are in place when you attend one of the classes or workshops.

If you, or any one else in your household is displaying Covid-19 like symptoms, please do not attend your class or workshop. If this applies to you please contact me at your earliest convenience to discuss this – .

I want to be completely open and transparent, so that you can feel safe to make a decision about booking a class with me. I have a 5 year old son who is currently back in school and my husband is a teacher at Bangor Academy. There are very strict safety measures set up in both of their schools, but I feel it is important to highlight this none the less. It is absolute paramount that my students feel completely safe attending one of my classes.

Visiting us

  • Workshops and classes have always had small numbers, with a maximum of 4 people, but more likely 3. Occasionally my husband and son may also be in the house, but will be staying in another room and there will never be more than 6/7 people in the house at one time, in order to adhere to government guidelines for social distancing.
  • Face masks/face coverings are mandatory and expected to be worn during the class, unless you are medically exempt. You can remove your mask while you are sitting at your sewing machine.
  • If you, or any one else in your household displays Covid-19 like symptoms after you have attended a class with us, please inform the me so that I can contact the other members of your class who you may have been in contact with.
  • You will have access to my downstairs toilet. This is always kept very clean and anti-bacterial wipes will be available.
  • Sink and handwashing facilities are available in the toilet.

Sanitation and social distancing during the classes/workshop

  • Upon arrival, there will be a little sanitation station just outside my front door (or just inside if it’s raining!) – please use this before entering.
  • The front door will be left open so that you do not need to touch anything. If for any reason it isn’t, please sanitise your hands prior to using the doorbell.
  • Classes/workshops are held in my dining room / kitchen extension at the back of my house. I will ensure that the area is well ventilated, with either the back door or a window open.
  • During your time in the studio please observe social distancing of 1m with myself and fellow workshop attendees.
  • I will be wearing a mask and/or a visor during the duration of the class/workshop.
  • I will use hand sanitiser each time I move between machines.
  • There will be times when I will need to give demonstrations on your sewing machine – please try to stand a little way back while I’m doing this.
  • Each student will have the use of a tool box containing most necessary sewing tools and equipment. These will be sanitised after every lesson. If you would rather bring your own tools and equipment you are welcome to.
  • There will be 3 ironing stations, so during most classes you will have access to your ‘own’ iron. Please make sure you always use the same one for the duration of the class. These will be sanitised after every lesson.
  • All sewing areas will be throughly cleaned before and after each class/workshop

Baby Friendly Classes:

  • I will have available my usual baby equipment, such as baby gym, jumper, bounce chair and soft blankets – these will all be throughly cleansed before and after each class. However, I do not have multiple of the same types of items so it will be at the parent’s discretion if you would like to share the use of these
  • Unfortunately I won’t be putting out any of the usual ‘small’ toys
  • Please feel free to bring your own rugs/mats/bumbos/high chairs and a selection of your baby’s favourite toys to use.
  • Please bring your own nappy changing mat etc. There will be a space in my living room made available for nappy changes.

Breaks and Refreshments:

  • Tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided.
  • If you would prefer to use your own cup/mug, spoon & snacks then please feel free to bring these along
  • All refreshments will be individually wrapped to avoid contact.
  • I will operate the kettle to avoid multiple contact.