In this workshop we will get to grips with using your overlocker – FINALLY!

Has your overlocker been sitting in it’s box for years because you are too scared to use it? Well now is the time to get it out, dust it off and learn how to use it. When I got my overlocker it was a total game changer for my sewing. Not only does it give the seam allowances of your makes a professional finish, and ensures that they last longer, but it also means that you can sew up t-shirts, leggings, jumpers and more, at lightening fast speed! Trust me, once you learn how to use your overlocker properly, you will never look back.

This class will cover all the basics for using your overlocker – see below for full details.

This is an informal workshop, with small numbers (4 max), so you will get lots of one-to-one tuition and attention.


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Have you had an overlocker sitting in its box for years, gathering dust? Are you too scared to try and use it? Or maybe you’ve been stuck using the same thread colours for all your projects because you don’t know how to rethread it?!! Maybe you are thinking about buying an overlocker, but would like to try it out first?

If so, then this is the class for you! In this 3hr workshop you will learn everything you need to know to start using that wonderful machine and go away filled with knowledge.

You Will Learn:

  • how to thread your overlocker & rethread it…without the fear!!
  • troubleshooting – how to fix the tension
  • how to adjust your machine for different fabric types (and avoid the dreaded lettuce seam!)
  • how to start and finish off your seams
  • how to disengage your knife
  • how to overlock a concave and convex curved edge
  • how to overlock inside and outside corners
  • how to sew a rolled hem
  • how to use the gathering foot (if your machine came with one)
  • We will also practice sewing on a round jersey neckband which can be tricky without knowing the tricks (which I’ll teach you!).


  • A fabric pack to practice on and experience sewing on different fabric types.
  • Coloured thread to use during the class – this will help with threading your machine!
  • A prepared jersey ‘neckline’ and jersey neckband for you to practice sewing a round neckband.
  • Tea, Coffee and other refreshments, plus lots of biscuits to keep you going


  • Your own overlocker – OR I do have two overlockers that you can use. Please contact me prior to booking to see if the machines are still available.
  • If you bring your own overlocker please remember the foot pedal, all your accessories and instruction manualplease tell me in the message box at checkout which machine you own.
  • A notepad and pen to jot down any useful tips you might pick up!


Level 0 – you do not need any prior overlocker experience (that’s what this class is for!), but I will presume that you have some regular sewing machine experience.


Held in the lovely, bright and spacious Threadquarters studio! 49 Main Street, Bangor, NI. Located on the first floor.

Please click here for more details on the location and parking options.

PLEASE NOTE: The class requires a minimum of two people to go ahead.

Please check Terms & Conditions for cancellation policies.