Baby-friendly learn to sew course

Why not learn a new skill while on your Maternity Leave? This is a baby-friendly sewing class where you can bring your pre-crawling baby along while you learn how to sew, enjoy the company of other like-minded mums (or dads, grandparents, carers!), have a cuppa and make a few very cute projects!

Each week we will make a new project for your baby and by the end of the 5 week course you will have learnt many different sewing skills and go away with 5 lovely little things for your baby. See below for full details.

Please note that this course is only open for pre-crawlers due to safety and no actual child care is provided.

Classes run Wednesday mornings 10 – 11.30 am and are held in the Threadquarters Studio, Main Street, Bangor.

Next 5 week course starts: 10th January 2024


If the class has sold out (the black button will say ‘Read More’ rather than ‘Add To Basket”) or the dates don’t suit but you are interested in taking the class, you can sign up the the Waiting List. You will be sent an email when you dates are confirmed (or if there is a cancellation).

A unique Mummy and Baby class, where baby gets to relax and mummy gets to have a little bit of “me” time, learning a new skill and socialising with other mums.

Maybe you would love to learn to sew, but want to start on something small rather than jumping straight into dressmaking or baby clothes. This is a great place to start!
OR maybe you already know how to sew and you just like the idea of a relaxing crafty morning, this is also a perfect course for you!

This 5 week course will teach you everything you need to know about beginners machine sewing, and by the end of the course you should go away with 5 mini projects for your baby.

This is a relaxed and informal class, with small numbers (4 max), so you will get lots of one-to-one tuition and attention when needed and a slower pace with no-one minding if baby needs changed, fed or cuddled.

Because we will be using electric machines, irons, pins and scissors this class is for PRE-CRAWLERS only, so that we can be sure to keep them safe in their designated area. More details about the facilities I have for the babies is below.

YOU will learn:

  • how to set up a sewing machine and wind a bobbin
  • how to insert/change a needle
  • how to start and finish simple seams and finish off seam allowances
  • how to sew a straight line, as well as tricky curves
  • how to change stitches
  • how to use a pattern and cut out fabric on the straight grain following the grainline of the fabric and the selvedge
  • how to snip corners and the importance of pressing (ironing!)


Each week we will make one project, which will slowly build up our sewing skills.

week 1

This week is probably the most ‘intensive’ as we will be learning all about a sewing machine. How to wind a bobbin, thread the machine and sew straight and zig-zag stitches. We will also start on our first project which is a simple draw-string pouch. We may need to finish this off in week 2, depending on how we progress. You will now have a cute little bag to keep the rest of your projects in!

week 2

We move on to a dummy clip. The fabric and clip is included in the course, but not a dummy. If your baby doesn’t use a dummy, this clip is also great for hooking onto that favourite toy that keeps falling out of the pram! We will learn how to attach snaps/poppers and sew through multiple layers of fabric.

week 3

bunny-ears wooden teether. You will learn how to cut out a pattern, pin and cut fabric and how to get sharp corners on projects. We will be backing the ‘ears’ with soft towelling to add a lovely texture. The wooden teething ring provided is natural organic beech wood. It is unbelievably smooth and a pleasure to touch. They have been tested and meet the European Safety Standard EN71.

week 4

This week we make a bandana bib with snap/popper closure. Similar skills as week 3, but another cute addition to your project collection. The bibs will be backed with absorbent cotton towelling so they will be practical as well as very cute!

week 5

In our final week we will be making a beautiful multi-coloured ribbon sensory cloth (often called blankets, but this won’t be blanket size!). We will learn how to baste items in place, pivot around corners and more.

Depending on how quickly we get through the projects, there may be time to make another project at the end.


Level 0
(click for details of our class levels – this class is suitable for absolute beginners)


  • Backing towelling fabric (in white) for your bib and teething ring projects
  • 20% off fabric from the store for your projects (or bring your own fabric – see below)
  • 1 natural, organic beech wood teething ring, ribbons for your sensory cloth, snaps/poppers and a ‘dummy’ clip
  • Use of all sewing tools, including threads, needles, scissors etc.
  • A safe, cosy place for your baby while you sew (see below for more details)
  • LOTS of tea/coffee (usually made for you – which I know mummies appreciate!) and something sweet


  • 0.5m of cotton fabric for your projects – more detail about what type and where to buy your fabric will be emailed to you once you book.
  • Your own sewing machine OR you can use one of my sewing machines. Please let me know before hand.
  • A notepad and pen to jot down any useful tips you might pick up!
  • Your usual baby bag with all their daily bits and bobs (although I will have facilities for you, please see below).

For the babies:

The studio will be set up with a designated area for your babies, keeping them safely away from any of the sewing equipment.

There will be play mats, toys, bouncers and cushions for babies. But feel free to bring anything you think they might enjoy. There is also a changing mat & wipes if needed.


Held in the lovely, bright and spacious Threadquarters studio! 49 Main Street, Bangor, NI. Located on the first floor.

The Studio is located on the first floor. There is a short flight of stairs (with a handrail) to climb in order to access the studio. Because of this I really recommend brining baby either in a carrier/sling or in their car seat (although I know that can be very heavy!). There is no space to ‘park’ your pram at the bottom of the stairs, so you would need to bring it up into the studio & fold it up as there is not a lot of room for storage unfortunately.

Please click here for more details on the location and parking options (plus details about getting the train – the studio is only a 5 minute walk from Bangor Station!).

PLEASE NOTE: The class requires a minimum of two people to go ahead.

Please check Terms & Conditions for cancellation policies.