1-2-1 Sewing Introduction Classes


If you would prefer to learn dressmaking on a one-to-one basis I am happy to offer private tuition.

Bring your own sewing machine to my house and I will help you get acquainted with it, or use one of my class sewing machines if you would just like to see if this hobby might be for you or not.

We can tailor our class to suit your needs, see below for suggestions.


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In these one-to-one beginners sewing classes we can tailor your learning to your own needs, go at your own speed and together choose a suitable first project or garment.

Classes are arranged by the hour. If you would just like an introduction to using a sewing machine and how to sew a few basic stitches and seams then a one hour class should be sufficent for this.

And example of what we would cover in that class would be:

  • Learning about the various aspects of the sewing machine
  • How to wind a bobbin (and perhaps learn what a bobbin is!)
  • Inserting a sewing machine needle and threading it
  • Using the handwheel
  • How to do a simple straight stitch, and a useful zig zag stitch
  • How to sew corners and around curves
  • How to sew a simple seam and how edges can be finished off

From there the world is your oyster!

After get to grips with the basics of the sewing machine, or if you have already used a machine in the past, we can look at what type of project you might like to tackle. We could start off small with a tote bag or pencil case, or perhaps dive into something meatier like P.J. bottoms, a shift top or gathered skirt.

Classes are held in my home in Ballyholme and are gernerally in the mornings between 10-12. If you would prefer evening classes then I’m sure we could arrange a suitable schedule.

Classes are £30/hr. Or bring a friend and it would be £50/hr for the two of you (please get in touch first so that I can make a separate booking page for this).

If you think one-to-one classes are for you then please drop me a line at hello@threadquarters.co.uk and we can discuss what you might be after and tailor the perfect class for you.


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